Retail & Leisure Sector

Customers’ comfort is increasingly important in the leisure and retail industries. The popularity of climate control systems in cars means that consumers are now much more demanding about the environments they’re offered. A customer won’t stay long in a hot, stuffy shop and isn’t likely to return to an uncomfortable restaurant.

We can satisfy their expectations with air-conditioning systems which provide the right heating, cooling and ventilation. Our experience covers all types of systems from simple split arrangements to VRF and packaged units with ducted systems. We can also provide overdoor heaters and air curtains so cold air doesn’t enter the building in winter.

Correct design, installation and regular service and maintenance are vital elements in satisfying demand for a better leisure and retail environment. We have experience in the design, installation and totally dependable service of HVCA systems in the following environments:

  • Public houses
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms and Health Clubs
  • Hotels and Night Clubs

Our maintenance contracts can be moulded around your requirements, whether you’re a national chain or a single hotel or gym.

Retail & Leisure case studies


All of the engineers are trained to a high standard and provide outstanding customer care.

Jill Smith, BIC Facilities Manager