Health & Safety


In order to carry out our work safely and efficiently, it’s vital that our employees are well trained. The latest CDM regulations place enormous emphasis on firms being able to demonstrate that staff are competent to carry out their work. We keep training records for all of our staff and maintain an overall training plan to make sure everyone is familiar with new regulations, methods and technology. Our engineers receive technical and specific health and safety training. The technical training is important to ensure they keep pace with technological changes and includes manufacturers’ training and specific training such as Corgi gas training, electrical training and brazing. Health and Safety training includes mobile scaffold towers, working at heights, asbestos training and CDM training.


We were so pleased with their technical ability to meet our special requirements and customer service focus we again reached out to them to support the relocation of our manufacturing operations in Newmarket. They again delivered the project on schedule and met all our expectations.

Richard Daigle, Global Director of Facilities, Idexx Laboratories Inc, Maine,USA.