Keeping a room at a comfortable temperature is vital for the comfort of the people in it. But it’s only one part of maintaining a comfortable environment. Ventilation is equally important: we all know the negative effect a stuffy environment can have on general health and alertness. Our design engineers will design and install ventilation systems to supply the correct volume of fresh-air and to extract stale air. The ventilation system will then be installed by our in-house ductwork engineers.

Ventilation systems can use a lot of energy and it’s important that systems are designed correctly to be energy efficient. Fresh air is provided by supplying air to the room from outside. This is filtered to remove dirt and then heated to ensure it enters the room at a comfortable temperature without draughts. Heating the air with electric heaters or hot water from a boiler can use a lot of energy and can be expensive. This is why we always consider using the latest heat- recovery techniques such as specially heat exchangers which use the exhaust air leaving the building to heat the incoming fresh air.


All of the engineers are trained to a high standard and provide outstanding customer care.

Jill Smith, BIC Facilities Manager